Black - DC3 Elite - Beretta M92FS

The Berreta 92FS.

Black - DC3 Elite - Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle.

The DC3 is the only fictional weapon in the game, based on a hybrid of the Desert Eagle and Beretta 92. It appears on the first mission as the starting weapon and others as the player's sidearm. It is both extremely accurate and quite powerful for a pistol as it can kill an enemy with 2 to 3 torso shots. It has a massive range making it capable of shooting the RPG in the tower on the first level. It also has the highest cmagazine capacity for a pistol with 15 rounds. It can also be equipped with a silencer such as in the Nazran Foundry level. It is constantly overlooked and is swapped early for other weapons.


The DC3 Elite is a very useful gun in all the levels where it is used. In Veblensk it can be used to take out the RPG on the tower without wasting valuable RPG ammo. In the Foundry it is suppressed which allows players to take out the first few soldiers in the level without leaving the starting area. If an alarm is raised then the player can utilize its long-ranged capability to take out the incoming wave of soldiers while sustaining minimal damage. Although it doesn't appear in later levels past the Nazran Foundry.


  • High capacity magazine
  • High caliber bullet
  • Accurate at longer ranges (about 800 yards)
  • A suppressor can be attached


  • Slow rate of fire