Side profile of an MP5

The MP5 is the primary weapon for the SAS. It is one of, if not the, most respected sub-machine gun in the world. It has also seen use with law enforcement, SWAT, and other special operations organizations, with over 30 types. In game, it is your main weapon for the asylum and Gulag levels.

Traits Edit

Advantages Edit

It is quite powerful and accurate, and can accept a suppressor, which you can find in a building to your right when you begin in Gulag, and when you enter the asylum. It also has a fast rate of fire with a capacity of 80 rounds.

Disadvantages Edit

These useful traits, sadly, are compromised by a slow reloading time of about 2-4 seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • The MP5 in-game is a converted HK-94. It lacks the magazine peddle release, so Blacks' MP5 probably is not directly based off the real MP5.
  • The firing sound is is sampled from Bruce Wills' HK94 from Die Hard.