Black - Smith & Wesson Model 629
Clip Size 6
Fire Modes Single-action
Bullet Size .44 Magnum
Level Objective Yes

The Magnum is the most powerful pistol available, and is one of the most powerful bullet firing weapons in the game, capable of killing almost anyone with one shot, second only to the Walther 2000. The downsides are that each bullet must be chambered before it can be fired, making it also one of the slowest firing weapons. It also has a low cylinder capacity, only 6 shots before a lengthly reloading process.


The Magnum can serve many uses, at close range or at long distance, as the one-hit kill capability still stands at 4 yards as well as 400. It is best reserved for singular enemies, as with each shot having to be manually loaded, it can be risky to use in a full-on firefight.