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Soldiers make up the backbone of Seventh Wave. Numerous, moderately strong and well armed, they are a force to be reckoned with. They wear clothing according to their surroundings; E.g, in Treneska Border Crossing, most of the soldiers wear woodland camouflage. There are also RPG, Machine Gun and Sniper variations of these enemies.



They are surprisingly resilient, with multiple torso shots required to take them down. If encountered at a long range, and you don't have an RPG, M203 or Sniper Rifle in posession, zoom in and fire at their chest in full automatic. The recoil should "Push" the gun upwards, thus causing bullets to hit their heads, rewarding you with a satisfying "Ping" sound effect as your bullet penetrates their helmet and proceeds into their head (If they are wearing one, that is). If encountered at close range, and you are in Mid-mag, melee, reload and melee again. This will cause you to melee two times in less than a second, with two required to kill them. If in medium range combat with them, its best to strafe while aiming at their heads, or just throw a grenade at them, and, just like Grunts, you shall be able to hear them shout "Grenada!" and they will scarper. If encountering a patrol, which happens quite regularly in Treneska Border Crossing, keep your distance and wait for them to pass. If you have an unsilenced weapon, run past them, but if you have a silenced weapon, crawl after them and shoot the hind one in the head. The rest of his patrol won't notice, so do the same to them. If encountering an RPG, Sniper or Machine Gun variation, try and force them into close quarters. They will be forced to ditch their weapon and will pull out the enemy standard issue weapon for their variation (usually it is an SMG; E.g, Uzi or MAC-10 Elite) and will engage you like a normal soldier.