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This is the eighth and the last mission in the game.

After leaving his teammates behind at the gate of the Granzei Brigde, Keller pursues to search for Lennox alone to gain entry to the underground complex of the Spetriniv Gulag and hunt down the Seventh Wave leader William Lennox.

Primary •Gain entry to underground complex

•Hunt down Seventh Wave suspect Lennox


Spetriniv Gulag is full of pathways, tunnels, doors, explosions, bad guys such as shielded soldiers, and weapons that will come in handy. Including the final room in the complex which will require strategic thinking.

Players will start the level with an MP5 and Remington 870. A suppressor attachment for the MP5 can be found if players take a right. Then players walk down the street, then take a left into a building were they find the Magnum.

After proceeding upstairs past Close Quarter Specialists and go downwards on the streets again to encounter RPGs and sheilded soldiers at the front of the Spetiniv Gulag courtyard entrance.