Walther 2000

Older model Walther 2000
Clip Size 5
Fire Modes Semi-Auto
Bullet Size 7.62×51mm NATO
Level Objective Yes

The Walther 2000 in Black is the longest range bullet weapon available with an estimated range of 1 kilometre. It is also the most powerful bullet weapon and is capable of killing enemies at any range with one shot. Its scope has a 2x or 5x zoom which gives players absolute accuracy even over long distances. The immense power and long range makes this useful for getting rid of dug-in enemies. In real life the Walther 2000 were produced as game hunting rifles and is in short supply due to the cost to manufacture it.


The Walther 2000 can be used to clear out enemies in cover at long range. Its impeccable accuracy means players can easily shoot an enemy through a small crack in corrugated fencing. A kill is guaranteed no matter where a round from the rifle hits an enemy. A player is not given a crosshair which means the player is forced to use a scope. It is not recommended in close quarters combat because of it's slow rate of fire and lack of crosshair.

Trivia Edit

  • The WA 2000 in-game is extremely inaccurately portrayed. It's a coventional straight-pull bolt action rather than it's real life semi auto bullpup mechanism.
  • It has a stock resembling that of a Accuracy International AS50 British .50BMG anti-material rifle.
  • The magazine holds 5 rounds. The real life WA 2000 holds 6 rounds.